Patented barrier strengthening complex

A patented complex that solidifies the skin barrier, enhancing the skin's original hydration and antioxidation

Derma Multi Barrier Emulsion (DBETM), an exclusively-developed patented skin barrier complex The exclusively-developed patented skin barrier complex solidifies the skin barrier, enhancing its hydration levels.

Exclusively-developed key barrier strengthening ingredient: DBE™

Mary & May's Derma Multi Barrier Emulsion (DBETM) technology utilizes a liposome formula, created with stearic acid and hydrolyzed lecithin, to produce a complex that features enhanced absorptivity, capitalizing on the potent antioxidant properties of idebenone in combination with European strawberry extract, acai palm fruit extract, and lowbush blueberry extract.
The above liposome suspension has been clinically proven to hydrate up to

10 layers of the skin for 48 hours with just a single use and provide triple hydration
and reinforce the skin barrier within two weeks, in combination with ceramide NP, ceramide NS,
phytosphingosine, cholesterol, ceramide AS, ceramide AP and ceramide EOP.
In addition, idebenone can penetrate the epidermis deeply, delivering antioxidation and melanin suppression benefits effectively, which can contribute to improvements in skin brightening.

Skin barrier is easy to get damaged by various environmental factors. Damaged skin easily dries out and sustains inflammation and itching.

The combination of idebenone, blackberry extract and ceramide complex provides hydration, replenishes lipid components, offers antioxidation benefits, and enhances the damaged skin barrier.

A healthy skin barrier protects the skin from external stressors and enhances the skin's ability to retain hydration, making the skin healthy.

"Sooth and restore your skin when it feels sensitized due to daily mask-wearing,
makeup application, and exposure to environmental contaminants."

*Test Institution: P&K Skin Clinical Research Center / 2 Weeks / 22 Subjects / Individual difference, Test Product: Sensitive Soothing Gel Cream

Patented skin soothing complex
Patented by DSC™

A formula complex that soothes the skin through external stimuli and improves moisturizing function

Solely developed core soothing ingredient: DSC™

Mary&May’s DSCTM (Derma Soothing Complex) technology combines the active ingredient from houttuynia cordata rich in quercitrin and tea tree extract which has a natural disinfectant functions. It has been confirmed that this composition is effective in improving the number of pores, area, volume and depth as well as immediate skin heat soothing effect, external stimulation soothing effect, and redness improvement after 2 weeks and good even when applied on sensitive skin.

Composed of active ingredients such as Quercitrin-rich herbal extract and tea tree extract in an optimum ratio, 

 showing excellent effects in soothing skin heat, soothing external stimuli, improving redness, and reducing pore size.

Urban-life people sometimes show redness, itching, pulling, and mild inflammatory reactions due to external stimuli such as pollution, ultraviolet rays, and masks that irritate the skin. 

DSC™ (Derma Soothing Complex), which contains houttuynia cordata and tea tree as active ingredients, quickly soothe irritated skin. 

Neutralizes reddened skin due to heat sedation, external irritation, and makes the skin healthy and clean with pore convergence and moisturizing effects. 

"Experience soothing and recovery when your skin is sensitive
due to daily masks and repeated makeup and contamination."

*Test Institution: P&K Skin Clinical Research Center / 2 Weeks / 22 Subjects / Individual difference, Test Product: Sensitive Soothing Gel Cream

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