The Last Word of Antioxidation, Idebenone
In terms of chemical formula, it’s called Hydroxydecyl Ubiquinone. It’s originally developed to treat Alzheimer’s disease. Idebenone is the most powerful skin antioxidant presented by the American Dermatology Association and has an antioxidant effect of four times higher than vitamin C and 10 times higher than Coenzyme Q10. Blackberry, a dark blue fruit, is rich in anthocyanins to remove active oxygen and preventing skin aging. One of discharges made from human’s metabolism is free radical which can oxidize cells and DNA seriously. Idebenone is rich in antioxidants to remove free radicals, reserve aging process and brighten skin tone.


Idebenone was not easily soluble in solvents, so it was difficult to be used as a cosmetic ingredient. Mary & May Idebenone maximizes the antioxidant effect of Idebenone by using raw materials with the appropriate technology to increase the solvents' solubility and skin penetration rate.

The orange color of the Idebenone serum is the color of the raw material of Idebenone, not an artifical pigment, making it safe and allows smooth absorption to the skin without the feeling of stickiness by increasing the penetration rate of the skin. Roll gently during the essence stage to give a moisturizing feeling to the skin. It helps to improve skin elasticity and brighten the skin tone.


Idebenone + Blackberry Complex

Idebenone blackberry intense Cream

Premium Idebenone Blackberry Complex Essence Mask

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